Curriculum - Maths




The Maths curriculum is delivered using National Curriculum 2014. Maths is taught in  five strands: Data Handling, Shape Space and Measure, Number, Calculation and Using and Applying.

We provide a daily maths lesson that seeks to reinforce learning and allow children to take on new skills and apply these in a range of contexts. Children are grouped according to ability which allows teachers to target different needs.  The daily maths lesson is structured to include mental skills, teaching points, independent learning and reflection time. Children work individually, in pairs and as a group to solve calculations and problems.


Children are continually assessed through daily evaluations, key objectives on a weekly basis and termly teacher assessments. These assessments inform planning and intervention groups. Children are encouraged to assess their own work and recognise when targets have been achieved.


A yearly overview, ensuring continuity and progression informs the half termly medium plans which lead into the weekly plan. These plans are annotated when necessary after assessments to ensure children's learning is moving forward.

Maths Overview