About Us - Mission Statement & Aims

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45PheaseyParkFarmPhotographs eservices Feb16

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Our Vision is to develop a learning community where all children enthusiastically participate, excel and are proud of their achievements across the curriculum.
Our School Motto is Believe and Achieve.                                                   

To learn well a child needs to be:

  • safe and secure

  • motivated and interested

  • actively involved in the learning process

  • able to see the purpose of the learning


A child will get the best from education if:

  • she/he attends school/Children's Centre regularly

  • his/her efforts are valued and supported

  • she/he is able to attain achievable targets

  • she/he is rewarded for successes

  • she/he is encouraged at home


To teach well we need to:

  • work well together

  • feel valued and supported

  • be prepared to cater for the needs of each child

  • have high expectations of our pupils

  • expect outstanding professional development


To have an outstanding School and Children's Centre we need to:

  • have outstanding leadership and clearly defined policies

  • work as a team (staff, pupils, parents, governors)

  • promote a caring, well disciplined ethos

  • have excellent facilities and resources

  • ensure continuity and progression in the curriculum

  • maximise the strengths of the staff

  • develop links with the local community

School Poem 

​This is our school.

Let peace dwell here.

Let the rooms be full of contentment.

Let love abide here,

Love of one another,

Love of mankind,

Love of life itself.

Let us remember that

As many hands are needed to build a house

So, many hearts make a school.

School Prayer

O Lord, Bless our school,

That working together and playing together,

We may learn to serve you,

And serve one another.

For Jesus sake.


School Song

Please help to make our school a lovely place.

Where all of us are loving to each other.

And work our best and show a smiling face,