Pheasey Park Farm Primary School

Pheasey Park Farm Primary School




Term Time Holiday

With effect from September 2013 the Department for Education made some changes to holidays taken during term time.


The new guidance makes it clear that Head Teachers can no longer grant any leave of absence during term time for any purpose unless there are exceptional circumstances.


As a school it is vital that parents are aware that even one week out of school is potentially detrimental to a child’s learning and progress and it is imperative for children to be in school every day.


Currently our school receives a large number of requests for holidays during term time; we wish to work with parents to avoid the above situation occurring. Our leave of absence forms are available from the school office and any requests that are received where the leave is an ‘exceptional circumstance’ will be granted subject to the child’s attendance being above 94%. If the absence request is not granted, and the child is still absent, this will be picked up by our School Education Welfare Officer.


Please note that Walsall Education Welfare Services have the power to issue fixed penalty notices which are £60 per adult per child which are payable within 21 days. We strongly advise parents to avoid this happening at all costs.


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