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Statistical Data based on full time children

Description of the school


Pheasey Park Farm Primary School is one of the largest primary schools in the country.  The school is part of the Walsall Metropolitan borough, on the borders of Birmingham and Sandwell. The postal area is Birmingham and people tend to associate the school with the City rather than Walsall.   Although the socio-economic area is near to the national average, the learning culture within the community is not one which has high academic aspirations.  Pupils at Ever 6 FSM is 23.9% (close to national at 25.9%) and increasing.  The number of pupils from minority ethnic groups and with EAL is increasing but remains below national. The proportion of pupils with SEN EHCP is below national and SEN Support is above national and increasing.  The deprivation index is below national average.

Data based on analyse school performance January 2023 R-Y6

Number on Roll                                                          633     (well above average at 277)    

Male                                                                             48.3%  (close to national at 50.9%)

Female                                                                        51.7%   (close to national at 49.1%)

Ever 6 FSM                                                                   23.9%  (close to national at 25.9%)

Minority Ethnic Groups                                             27.7%  (below national at 36.6%)

SEN EHCP                                                                     0.9%    (below national at 2.5%)

SEN Support                                                                18.5%   (above national at 13.5%)        

EAL                                                                                11.6%   (below national at 22.1%)

Stability                                                                       81.9%   (close to national at 80.1%)

Deprivation                                                                0.13%   (below national at 0.18%)

Absence 2021/22                                                        5.3%    (below 2021/22 national at 6.3%)

Persistent Absence 2021/22                                     13.4%   (below 2021/22 national at 17.7%)    


Other languages spoken are Panjabi, Chinese, Bulgarian and Polish.  Main ethnicity is White British at 70% then Indian at 5% and Black Caribbean at 3%.



We currently have a complement of 29 teaching staff and 5 peripatetic part time music teachers. We currently have 11 members of staff on the Upper Pay Spine. We currently have 22 Teaching Support Staff (5 provide regular 1:1 support and 1 is our Attendance Officer), 5 Finance/Office Staff, 21 Lunchtime Supervisors, 2 Premises Related Staff, 21 Early Years Centre Staff employed at the School. We also have 5 Kitchen Staff and 15 Cleaners. Technical Support is through S4S.


Other Information


Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre,  Wimperis Way, Great Barr, Birmingham, B43 7DH

Telephone    0121 366 6183        E Mail


Head teacher                 Mrs S. Arnold

Chair of Governors        Mr M. Perkins

DFE No                              335 5203          

URN                                   147480

Company No                  09780473  (EHLT)                   EY29 4164 EYC    

Type of School:               Academy                   

Age Range                      3-11 School         0-3 Early years Centre  

Sex of Pupils                    Mixed                         

Appropriate Authority   EHLT/Walsall LA-335  

            Awards include: Healthy Schools, Eco Schools Green Flag, Sport Kitemark Platinum, International School, Green Tree School, Anti Bullying Bronze, ERA Finalist, BETT Award Winner, Attachment Aware, Primary Science Quality Mark

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