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Games and Quizzes Club - Autumn 2023

Our Games and Quizzes Club takes place on a Tuesday after school and is open to all KS2 children.

Children have had opportunities to play a range of board games, card games and IWB games (e.g. ‘Hit the Button’ for times tables) each session. There were opportunities for children to play paired games or group games and they were also encouraged to bring in one of their games from home (with permission from parent/carer!!) to teach us all how to play it.

Some games involved strategy (e.g. Top Trumps, Dominos), some involved aspects of Maths (e.g. Bus Stop, Pop to the Shops), some involved luck (e.g. Snakes & Ladders, Bingo) and others involved acting out/guessing challenges (e.g. What a Performance).

Activities were child-led and staff responded to children’s interests in providing particular games. Children were supported with understanding game rules, taking turns, playing fairly, compromising where necessary, and how to cope with winning and losing.

Children also engaged with quizzes as part of the club. This enabled children to work in teams, which supported communication and social interaction skills, and promoted healthy competition and collaboration. Staff sourced a themed multiple-choice quiz for Halloween. During club sessions, children were given the opportunity to compile their own quiz questions if they wanted to. One of the children enjoyed playing the role of ‘quizmaster’ during the final club session of Autumn term, with a Christmas-themed quiz which he had created. Candy canes were provided for participation, and house points awarded to the winning team!


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