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Year 1
Mrs Enyedi - 1VE Class teacher and Year Leader 
Mrs Williams - 1KT Class teacher
Mrs Shariff - 1NS Class teacher
Mrs Burnett - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our Year 1 page for all our News and information

Moving to Year 1 can feel like a big change for many children. Just like Early Years, Year 1 offers the children many exciting experiences. Throughout the year, Year 1 children will experience a range of topics through theme days, curriculum days and our off-site visit to Sudbury Childhood Museum. We follow a topic-based approach to our learning and allow children to make connections between different areas of learning through cross curricular links.











Throughout the year, our theme days compliment the topics that we cover. Theme days include designing, making and evaluating sandwiches as part of our DT topic ‘Chop, slice and mash’, exploring how vehicles move using wheels, axles and chassis as part of our ‘Taxi’ topic and our exciting space crash landing site to begin our learning about the history of space travel.

During the first half of the Autumn term, children will be learning songs and words as part of our Harvest assembly. Year 1 will be sharing the significance of Harvest and saying thanks for all we have with parents and careers through our Harvest presentation.


The Autumn term is a busy time for Year 1 children as they build upon the learning that took place during Early years, having daily maths and English sessions. Through our ‘School days’ topic, the children learn about the history of our school and use their fieldwork skills to explore the school site and the local area. Throughout the term, children find out what school was like in the Victorian era. Children have the opportunity to take part in a Victorian classroom experience, as part of our visit to Sudbury Childhood Museum.


In the spring term, our topic covers History and Geography as part of our topic ‘Bright lights, Big city’. As part of this topic, children will be looking in more detail about human and physical features within an area. They will use this knowledge whilst completing a walk around our local area, where they will be identifying human and physical features. Children will use their geographical knowledge to compare two capital cities; London and Kuala Lumpur.

During the History aspect of topic, we will be learning about the history of a famous landmark. We learn about the Great fire of London and how a monument was built to commemorate the fire and celebrate the rebuilding of the city. 


During the Summer term, we will be thinking about our own childhood and the lives of children in the past. We will be thinking about our own personal timeline and the stages that we go through as we grow older. Children will have the opportunity to listen to a past pupil’s experience of their experience of going to our school in the past.

As part of our ‘shade and shelters’ DT topic, children will explore different kids of shelters. They will use this knowledge to design their own shelter before creating a large-scale shelter as part of a small group. Children will then evaluate their shelter based on the design criteria.


Throughout Year 1, children will be developing their phonics knowledge through our Animaphonics phonics scheme. Children will use and apply their phonics knowledge to read and write a range of real and ‘alien’ words in readiness for the Phonics screening check which is carried out in June.


Children in Year 1 receive weekly homework every Friday which is set online. The homework activities will be posted on the year group page and there will be links to the tasks on Education City, Purple Mash and Numbots.


Spellings are set on a Tuesday and tested on the following Tuesday.  If time to complete homework is sometimes limited, please concentrate on listening to your child read, if only for a few minutes each day. Daily reading should be logged on Boom Reader.


Our P.E. (Physical Education) sessions are as follows: 

Indoor P.E. – Thursday afternoon

Swimming – Tuesday Morning.

Outdoor P.E. - Friday afternoon (weather permitting)    


Please be aware that these sessions may be flexible, therefore children need a PE kit (consisting of navy blue shorts, a white top and pumps) in school at all times. In the winter months, children will need an outdoor kit. We kindly remind parents that no jewellery should be worn in school except for stud earrings, and in line with Health and Safety guidelines, these should not be worn on PE/Swimming days.    


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher, who will usually be available at the end of each day. Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

Mrs Enyedi - teacher of 1VE         Mrs Shariff - teacher of 1NS        Mrs Williams - teacher of 1KT 


  Mrs Burnett – Y1 Teaching Assistant


Year 1 Phonics Information


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