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Mission Statement 

Our Vision is to develop a learning community where all children enthusiastically participate, excel and are proud of their achievements across the curriculum.
To learn well a child needs to be:​
  • safe and secure

  • motivated and interested

  • actively involved in the learning process

  • able to see the purpose of the learning

A child will get the best from education if:
  • she/he attends School/Early Years Centre regularly

  • his/her efforts are valued and supported

  • she/he is able to attain achievable targets

  • she/he is rewarded for successes

  • she/he is encouraged at home

To teach we will need to:
  • work well together

  •  feel valued and supported

  •  be prepared to cater for the needs of each child

  •  have high expectations of our pupils

  • expect outstanding professional development

To have an outstanding School and Early Years Centre we need to:
  • have outstanding leadership and clearly defines policies

  • work as a team (staff, pupils, parents, governors)

  •  promote a caring, well disciplined ethos

  • have excellent facilities and resources

  •  ensure continuity and progression in the curriculum

  •  maximise the strengths of the staff

  • develop links with the local community

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