Curriculum - Science



Science Overview

Science is taught through the International Primary Curriculum.

We aim to make children "good scientists"-to do this children need to be taught enquiry skills and the importance of them. We strive to keep children fully involved in the learning process and not be afraid to ask Why? What if...? How does....? We want every child to demonstrate their scientific thinking and ability in a variety of ways, discovering for themselves and solving problems linked to everyday life.


At Key Stage 2 pupils learn about the wider range of living things, materials and physical phenomena and make links between ideas and explain simple theories. Children are encouraged to create their own questions to investigate and debate the effects scientific changes have on everyday lives.  Children are encouraged to talk about their work and carry out different types of investigations together. Activities develop the skills of enquiry, observation, locating sources of information, selecting appropriate equipment and using it safely, measuring and checking results and communicating findings.

We use a variety of learning and teaching styles in science lessons all based on the enquiry cycle. Sometimes we do this through whole class teaching while at other times we engage the children in enquiry based research and family projects. We encourage the children to ask as well as answer scientific questions whilst understanding what makes a good question to investigate.


Children have the opportunity to use a variety of data such as statistics, graphs, pictures and photographs. ICT is used where it enhances learning.