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To ensure that children achieve the most from their music lessons, we have built a curriculum that develops knowledge, understanding, experiences and skills progressively. Music is taught in weekly sessions that last around 20-25 minutes from Year 1 to Year 6, which is planned for by the music co-ordinator to ensure all curriculum objectives are covered. In EYFS, music is covered through ‘Expressive Arts and Design’, in which children are given the chance to express themselves through music. In Key Stage 1, children are taught the concept of pitch through singing and rhythm through the playing of percussion instruments. They begin to look at the inter-related dimensions of music, as well as the early stages of staff notation through the use of tuned percussion instruments. By listening to a range of pieces and genres, children begin to develop their understanding of personal preference and how to express this. Children also begin to experiment with combining different sounds to create their own music. In Key Stage 2, children build upon this by playing percussion, wind, stringed and electronic instruments, as well as developing their singing through discussion of projection, dynamics and breathing technique. They improvise and compose using instruments and cover all of the inter-related dimensions of music through their appraisal work, which encompasses a range of genres, styles and composers. Alongside this, children are also given the historical and sociological context of different genres and build upon their knowledge of staff notation by developing their knowledge of signs and symbols and their experiences of relating this to instruments and voice. 

All of this is supplemented through music assemblies as part of the school’s collective worship, whereby children continue to develop their understanding of the musical world in all of its rich diversity. 



As children progress through the school, their knowledge of the inter-related dimensions of music will deepen. They will be able to express themselves with growing confidence when discussing music, both in terms of their personal responses to it and the technical aspects of it. They will create music of increasing complexity and perform on instruments that become more and more difficult to play.  

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