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At Pheasey Park Farm Primary School we use our nationally and internationally recognised expertise to offer a range of Ed.

Tech. training and professional packages. These can be booked on a standalone basis or can be made

bespoke to suit individual school’s needs.


On this page you will find information on the CPD opportunities that we offer. If you require a more

bespoke package then we encourage schools to contact us directly so that we can build a perfect

pathway to ensure the training needs of your staff are fully met.


Pheasey Park Farm is an accredited SMART Training Centre and SMART Exemplary School. We have a team of

accredited staff trainers who are experienced in working with schools across the UK. They provide quality

first training and professional development to ensure schools are maximising their technology investment

and impacting on standards across the curriculum. They can support the change management process to enable schools to

speedily deliver their aims and ambitions.


If you would like further information please contact Pheasey Park Training School directly on 0121 366 6183.


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