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David Haley commends Pheasey Park Farm

We were very pleased to welcome David Haley, Executive Director of Walsall Children's Services to Pheasey Park Farm Primary School on Friday 28th November.

Mr Haley was welcomed to the school by the choir who sang an entourage of songs including Singing in the Rain, Hey Mr Miller which is a two part medley. Our proud children showed Mr Haley how they used the SMART tables and the multimedia tools within the collaborative classroom in order to improve their standards and learning.​

Mrs Lanni said, 'We are all delighted with the improvements that have been made at our school and it was a pleasure to share our successes with Mr Haley. I would like to thank the children, parents, staff, governors and local community for their support. Mr Haley showed a real interest in the school and communicated really well with the children.'

Mr Haley said, 'I am very impressed with the many initiatives underway at Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and we would like to spread this very good practice into other Walsall Schools.'

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