Curriculum - RE





Pupils engage with timetabled Religious Education lessons on a fortnightly basis. Our Religious Education curriculum is progressive across the school and is based on the SACRE Walsall Agreed syllabus for Religious Education 2016-2021. 

Through the teaching of Religious Education, we ensure that children have the opportunity to share their own beliefs, viewpoints and ideas without embarrassment. The children in our school come from a range of religious backgrounds and some have no attachment to religious beliefs and practices. We endeavour to ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard and that our Religious Education curriculum is broad and balanced.


Staff plan sequences of lessons using our curriculum coverage and progression of skills documents, which ensure full coverage of objectives and a logical progression of skills. We ensure that Religious Education is awarded the same importance as the core subjects, as we feel it is important to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the present and the future. 

Our Religious Education curriculum is enriched with assemblies that focus on different religious stories and celebrations. We also have links with our local church; where different year groups visit throughout the school year. We also have termly visits from a vicar from our local church who comes in and leads an assembly in both key stages.  



A high-quality Religious Education curriculum will enable our children to build upon their British values. Through our curriculum children will learn to celebrate diversity and show respect for others who are different from themselves.

The children’s work in RE books will demonstrate a broad and balanced Religious Education curriculum. Throughout the key stages, there will be a clear progression of knowledge and skills.